In the Indian milieu, there are only two routes to survival - discounting and differentiation. Most retailers choose to play the price game. We, however, preferred to focus instead on establishing ourselves as the preferred shopping destination for discerning young customers looking for a range of quality products that let them participate in a global lifestyle.

Our brand positioning - Makes Fine Living Affordable - embodies this approach, delighting shoppers with the best products and services that enable a fine living at reasonable prices while providing them with a warm, friendly and knowledgeable retail environment.

The following characteristics distinguish the Spencer's brand and create memorable 3600 shopping experiences for consumers:

  • Products - we offer the widest range of food and lifestyle (fashion, home, entertainment) brands, with a special expertise in food
  • Quality - we lay a huge emphasis on all-round quality: in products, stores, service standards, and customer engagement programs and that too since our inception at 1863
  • Heritage - we are India's oldest retailer, with many firsts to our credit
  • Multiple Formats - from daily to weekly and specialty shopping, we fulfill every need and provide maximum convenience 
  • Promotions - we seek to offer the right products at the right time at the right price, with promotions carefully designed to suit the buying cycle and shopping basket of the consumers
  • Brand Imagery - our stores and staff seek to make our customers feel right at home, being international,contemporary, accessible, empathetic and trusted