About us

Spencer's Retail Limited is a modern retailer providing a wide range of quality products to discerning young customers - well-travelled citizens of the world, looking out for authentic flavors and experiences in a fun-filled shopping environment. Our brand positioning -Makes Fine Living Affordable- embodies this approach, delighting shoppers with the best products and services that enable a fine living at reasonable prices while providing them with a warm, friendly and knowledgeable retail environment.

Part of the Rs. 14,000 cr. RP-SG Group, we run about 135 stores (including about 33 large format stores) across 40 cities in India, employing more than 4000 people. As one of the earliest entrants in the retail space in India, we have been instrumental in introducing Indian consumers to the concept of organized retailing, becoming the country's first grocery chain back in 1920, and offering the joys of hypermarket shopping in 2001.

As a "modern" retailer we offer both fresh and packaged foods as well as groceries. We also have a wide selection of electronics and electrical equipment, home and office essentials, garments and fashion accessories, toys, and personal care. Specialty sections such as Spencer's Gourmet, Patisserie, Wine and Liquor are some of the key differentiators in our stores.