InStore Branding

We offer the following in-store branding opportunities:

Trolley Branding
client image
3-way branding of shopping carts.

Basket Branding
2-way branding of shopping baskets.

In-store Promotion
Kiosks and promotion table inside and outside the store. Promoters are allowed to sell products and interact with customers.

Banners, Standees, Wall Displays
Branding on glass windows and the
wall, as well as customized standess
and banners

Ceiling Drop Branding
Branding suspended from the ceiling near cash counters and the main aisle, visible from every part of the store.

Cash Till Branding
Branding of the cash counters (high traffic areas).

Spencer’s Offer Leaflet Branding
Branding of the offer leaflet Spencer’s distributes every month in the catchment areas near the stores.

Product Display
Display islands and kiosks inside and outside the store. Promoters are allowed to interact with customers and carry out promotional activities.

Retail Television Network
Broadcasting of your ad or programming on our in-store network covering 250 stores across the country, with multiple screens per store.

Apart from these, we welcome the opportunity to innovate and come up with a customized solution just for you.