Campus Programmes


Our Retail Management Trainees Programme is designed to give interns a thorough and holistic understanding of the entire retail business and its various functional aspects, including Sales & Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Merchandising, Operations, and Human Resources. Interns generally work for 5 months as a part of a small cross-functional team, on at least 3 live business projects that touch various areas of operation in the store. In the process, they are exposed to the challenges of a complex business environment and encouraged to question the status quo. By the end of the programme, they are ready to take their position as our "intrapreneurs", bringing a fresh approach to managing.;


It has beencalled the boot camp. But it is probably the most thorough preparation you can get for a career in retail. It lasts 3 months, consists of intensive training and at the end of it your natural abilities to lead, take calculated risks, and cope with the pressures of corporate life are considerably enhanced. Group Management Resources recruits are normally Summer Interns who have done exceptionally well in their summer projects, and have received pre-placement offers. Sometimes those graduating from a Top-15 Business School are hired directly. Often placed into strategic areas of business, this group is taken though a brief induction schedule and functional training before being allocated to specific roles.


The Summer Internship Programme is for first year management students, studying for an MBA at a Top-15 Business School, looking to make a career in the retail sector. Clear our selection rounds, and over the next 2 to 6 months, we'll give you every opportunity to learn all the things Marketing book forgot to tell you. Do exceptionally well in the training period and we'll even make you a pre-placement offer and give your career a flying start.